Suppressing cultural immunity, the liberal ideology influences a public organism in the same way, as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) on a biological organism. That means that the organism perishes not from this virus, but from other diseases, which the immune system destroyed by HIV isn't able to resist.

Special insidiousness of HIV is in that the biological immune system doesn't distinguish the enemy in it and therefore doesn't do anything to protect the organism from it. Ideological virus of liberalism works on the same principle. Cultural immune system does not reject it and components of a liberal ideological strain "freedom-equality-brotherhood" aren't perceived as hostile and bringing deadly threat to the cultural organism of a nation disease.

Like HIV liberal virus freely breeds in society until its power increase to such extend that the weakened cultural immunity passes in a social organism pathogenic political ideas, based on initial "freedom-equality-brotherhood" and concretizing them in the form of political doctrines. Thus bacillus of the communistic plague got into the Russian organism from West and eliminated many million people during the “Soviet epidemic”. Today we are about to get neoliberal cholera from West, which is even more killing.

The working principle of ideological liberal virus is exactly the same, as in a microcosm. The difference is only that the biological HIV is material, and liberalism occurs in the world of ideas. Consequences are identical in both ways – physical death of an organism from after trouble.

Liberal AIDS comes when the majority of society can’t distinguish the evil from good, but also consciously interchanges the position of them, taking the evil for good and good for the evil. There are two versions of liberal AIDS known in history: communistic and neoliberal (or democratic – in modern western understanding of this term).

The communistic mutation of an initial strain "freedom-equality-brotherhood" destroys historically created "exploiter classes" and everything related to them, meaning elite of nation and its culture. This illness tormented Russia for seventy years and eventually dismembered it on pieces.

The neoliberal mutation is even more killing. It is not selective in any way and it pushes on a way of collective suicide all society entirely, without exception. That is what is going on now in the democratic West.

Obvious symptom of neoliberal AIDS – legislative equating of homosexual "marriages" to normal in France, England, the USA and other countries of "the developed democracy". So people of these countries voluntary doomed themselves to extinction because such "marriages" do not have of posterity by definition. Neoliberal ADIS accelerates suicide process by letting same-sex "families" to adopt children and to bring them up on personal example, multiplying number of fruitless sexual perverts.

Doctor struggle with biological HIV by a method of so-called retrovirus therapy which is slowing down reproduction of the virus, but there is no medicine or any methods to withstand AIDS found. Fortunately ideological and political AIDS is not so gloomy and tragic.

There are existing drugs against a liberal infection and they are almost tested. The analog of retrovirus therapy is the ideology of nationalism. It’s opposing survival of the nation in a paradigm of traditional culture to fading of life in a liberal dope of defects and perversions. Today nationalism is obviously gaining power in the West but so far it seems that it’s already too late, the liberal illness passed to a sharp stage there. It is not HIV any longer but present AIDS in the West, that’s why more effective drugs are required. But such drugs also exist. In the last century Germans invented the recipe of serum against communistic AIDS in the form of ideological and political movement known in present history as "Hitler’s Nazism". This serum worked out perfectly! Epidemic of communistic plague beginning in Germany was suppressed on a root. (However, the Hitlerism gave negative side effects, but it is other question).

As the communism and neoliberalism are two political complications of the same liberal pathology, no doubts that nazi serum is capable to overcome this present misfortune today. Certainly, life at "fascism" won't seem to the present Europeans too sweet, cause at the moment they almost lost human culture, after present permissiveness. But it after all it will be the only choice for Life, or neoliberal death as alternative. What kind of choice will prefer people in the West? Time will show.

Thank God, this virus is not too strong yet in Russia. The infection brought from the West faced the Russian national immunity and can't overcome it in any way, despite enormous efforts of distributors of infection – so-called Russian "democrats". It seems that all conditions for large-scale epidemic are there: "the democratic elite" supervises power levers, "democratic" mass media bring down falls of the slops infected with liberalism on people every minute.

But all their efforts don’t work: neither to accept gays nor to implant other "universal values" in the Russian people. Probably, Russians having hard communism in the past and being burned by radical "democratic" reforms of the 90th years, the nation gained specific immunity against idea of "freedom" in any its western forms.

Liberal aggression only strengthens repulse from immune system of the Russian organism in the form of growth of nationalist sentiments in society. The word "democrat" became abusive in Russia, even more abusive, than a similar insult "Jewish freemason" in the last century.

The absolute majority of the Russian population is Nationalist minded. Therefore standard anti-epidemic actions are enough for improvement of situation in Russia. So there is no need in Anti-liberal nazi extremes a la Himmler. Main "democratic" distributors of a liberal infection should be isolated from society and put on quarantine. That’s the only way to liquidate centers of killing epidemic.

Alexander Nikitin

The secretary of TSPS PZRK "Russia"

Translation - Avenberg