On February, 2nd we got joyful news about the release from custody of our Danish comrade Lars Wittmann the leader of the Danish national front.  In a period of eight days before the expiration of the pre-trial detention term defined by court Lars has been released, and it happened under pressure of the international public.
The wave of indignation caused by arrest of Danish national patriot Wittmann has gone from Moscow to even Latin America. Publications in the press and Internet, pickets near embassies of Denmark – solidarity of people from different countries has prevailed over an arbitrariness of liberal authorities of the Danish kingdom oppressing healthy forces of the country on a pointer from Washington.

We would like to congratulate Lars with his jail release. He was incarcerated for friendship with us also thanks to friendship with us the government of Denmark has been compelled to release him under the pressure of the international protest campaign initiated by us. It means that solidarity of people of goodwill is stronger than attempts of liberal - globalists from Washington to impose to mankind their domination.

It means also that those mechanisms of democracy forcing the government to listen to voter’s opinion and to requirements of world community work in Denmark. Having released Wittmann the Danish authorities have set a worthy example to the government of Russia, which essentially ignores opinion of the public and follows to practice of "sovereign democracy» in other words authoritarianism hardly covered with a fig leaf of imitation of democratic procedures. Future of this most «sovereign democracy» is the same, as at related to it regimes in Tunis, Egypt and other countries, where governors don't wish (or didn't wish) to reckon with people’s will.

Lars, we wait for you in Russia. Just come, hardly after all happened cause of meeting with us they will put you into jail gain in your homeland. But if it happens again, we will achieve your release again.

Alexander Nikitin - PZRK "Russia",
Konstantin Klimov, Anna Avenberg

translated Anna Avenberg