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Pressure accrues in the atmosphere. It’s already possible to feel the smell of burning fire from flashes of national and social terror. It could not have been otherwise, as antinational and antisocial policy of ruling "elite" causes with mechanical inevitability protest reaction of the opposite orientation in society. The National Socialism phantom wanders all over country.

This situation extremely disturbs Russian liberals, trying to find out other way of present sociopolitical deadlock. Movement of liberal thought heads an analyst Radzihovsky, possessing the aggravated political scent. Well and as usually in similar cases, "Echo Moscow" - radio megaphone of liberals was connected to process in the name of his editor-in-chief Venediktov.

The basic thesis of liberals comes out to that statement if following elections in the Duma to hold fairly (that is to admit to participation in elections all political parties and not just what the officialdom has deigned to register) then Russian nationalists will win by all means. And it will cause growth of nationalist sentiments among national minorities, collisions on national soil and will lead to disintegration of Russia. That’s why it’s not necessary to hold elections fairly.

First of all level of justice sense amazes in this liberal logic. In fact Radzihovsky and Venediktov call for violation of the Constitution for the sake of political expediency. It is Bolshevik’s logic which substituted legality with a revolutionary instinct. After that all liberal’s verbalisations about so called "lawful state" look like a frank propaganda lie.

It’s hard to understand further, the reason of liberal tumult round forthcoming elections. Why do we have this hullaballoo? Whence have they taken an idea about that someone is going to hold an election "fairly"? There are no such signs. All goes as always. All goes like clock-work within the limits of "developed political system», ground on legitimization of party in power domination led by «the national leader» and by official president which is appointed by the “leader”. So for liberals there is nothing to worry about.

Perhaps, they worry about declarative “right orientation” within the limits of this political system? In particular, Radzihovsky and Venediktov mention some national-patriotic statements by Putin and Medvedev and by Zyuganov with Zhirinovsky. But it’s also lightly.

All Putin’s "patriotism" consists in aspiration not to give Russian raw materials under control of western corporations but to leave them in the property of Russian oligarchs-officials. But it is not new, and our “pro-western” liberals like have already reconciled with it. As to "nationalism" of "the national leader» - it’s ridiculous – he publicly asserts - «if to scrape Russian you will find out Tatar». So if Putin is nationalist then for sure not Russian, unless Tatar, and our liberals love them. Medvedev's "nationalism" is reduced to desire by means of modernization to make from Russia a new comfortable Babylon where each person on the Earth can find «new or second native land». But it’s not nationalism it’s something absolutely opposite to nationalism – just a big dream of liberal and bastard. Radzihovsky and Venediktov also dream of it.
It is especially ridiculous worrying about national-patriotic “air fluctuation” made by Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. First of all Gennady Andreevich embodies his words in real actions very seldom, and Zhirinovsky doesn’t do it principally it seems to be his political credo. Secondly, Zyuganov is communist-internationalist by definition, and Zhirinovsky is Jew-multimillionaire, and all his shamanistic rituals «for the sake of Russian and poor people» can deceive unless a housewife, but never such skilled politicians as Radzihovsky and Venediktov.

But it doesn’t matter. Neither the absent prospect of fair elections nor empty national-patriotic rhetoric of official politicians can alarm liberals on such a big level. They are obviously afraid of some other stuff.  

Tempted people they should see the general development direction of political moods in the country. Phantom of National Socialism get more and more visible outlines in Russia and it plunges liberals into a panic. All their reasonings concerning elections and statements of politicians are only brain storm. It’s only attempt to grope possibilities for resisting to succession of events frightening them made by collective efforts in the Radio and Internet. However all their attempts are useless. National-social turn in Russia is historically inevitable and it doesn’t depend on human’s will. Other variants of development simply don’t existing. But it’s another question – what exactly will this turn be, and what will the country wait further. Here are some possible variants.

The first variant is most simple and obvious – revolutionary explosion and revolutionary dictatorship with inevitable costs, painful for all but first of all for liberals as organic opponents of national-social way of development. In this case the constitutional legality will be thrown out in dustbin of history and replaced by revolutionary instinct in front of which person with his rights won’t be protected at all, and liberal person will face times even harder. It’s just how business liberal "elite" ruling the country lead to national-social revolution being in self-destructive blindness blocking democratic ways of realization of the ripened changes.

The second variant is evolutionary. These are those fair elections which Radzihovsky and Venediktov are afraid of. It is a victory of national-patriotic forces focused on action restoration of the present Constitution, trampled by liberal power. These are changes in national and social policy based on corresponding positions of the General law cynically perverted in today's practice to please liberal political and economic feasibility. This is contention of rights and freedom of citizens which are any way restrained now by the liberal power.

It is not necessary to frighten public of country disintegration on national sign. As though oppositely it was to liberals, Russia is the mononational country, Russian country. The Russian state created by Russian people. Russian nation continues forming this state alone uniting more than one and a half hundreds other people in state aggregate by Russian language, Russian culture, Russian law and order. There are more than 80% from all population Russians in Russia now. Russian people with the revived national consciousness with understanding of national interests with Russian national power are able to stop any separative feeble efforts.

But there won’t be such feeble efforts because Russian nationalism, contrary to representations of liberals, is not xenophobia, is not hatred to foreigners, it is just love to Russian people, nothing special. There are no any “ANTI” and any “PRO“ in it. Relation to national minorities in Russian nationalism strictly follows historical tradition of Russian people which provides equality of all citizens of the country, irrespective of the national origin, politically guaranteed and carried out by related to national development nation.

Moreover, the approval  of Russian national character of the polyethnic Russian state will deprive  separatists of liberal soil favouring to their aspirations in a kind of  “sovereignization” «differentiations of powers» to a national sign, discrimination of Russian citizens etc.

Process of archaic creation and development of many non - Russian ethnoses will be simultaneously stopped. They will promptly come back to customs and habits of Middle Ages east which are in the modern validity absolutely wild. Conditions restored by artificial "elite" cause indignation of non - Russian citizens of the country joined Russian understanding of social justice before especially in Soviet period. These citizens become an additional support for the central power in business of restoration of the Russian law and order in those territories where they live.


So Russian nationalism is not dividing factor on the contrary it’s uniting people of Russia factor. It is that cement which should rally politically national fragments of the state, which mutual communications have been broken by caustic acid of liberal ideology during last years.

Oligarchs beloved by liberals should move because it’s not only Nationalism but also Socialism. Socialism is not as a way of the organisation of manufacture, but as a system of nation wealth distribution and property relations on means of production.

Certainly this scenario is possible under condition of evolutionary turn by the national socialism on the basis of the Constitution. In case of a revolutionary shock we will most likely collide with different excesses and tragedies in the spirit of National - Social practice in Germany of the last century.

Therefore it’s much better to Radzihovsky and Venediktov not to disavow idea of fair elections on "Echo Moscow" radio station, but on contrary agitate for them. If there will be no fair elections exactly in that expanded interpretation which they most afraid of, together with their friends they won’t have any possibility to express their opinions publicly in the nearest future. It’s for minimum…


Alexander Nikitin

The secretary of TSPS PZRK "Russia"

translated Anna Avenberg